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10 Holiday Pet Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Holiday Pet HazardsCelebrating the holidays with family, especially fuzzy family members, can be absolutely delightful. With a little preparation and dog-proofing, you can have a safe and relaxed holiday with your dog. For pet sitters caring for dogs, now is a great time to review our Pet Sitter Handbook for additional tips.

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6 Ways to Keep Cats and Holiday Guests Safe & Happy

christmas-safety-cats-Keep your cats in mind as you decorate, celebrate, feast, and dash about town this holiday season.

Many cat owners will attest that simply moving a chair entices their cats to climb on it immediately. Maybe the cats are just testing out a new vantage point; perhaps they're asserting that everything in your home belongs to them. During the Christmas season, people adorn their homes with a variety of new things.

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How to Recognize if a Pup is About to Bite

scared-dogYour Meet-n-Greet went great and Fido was nothing short of PAWsome. But as soon as Fido was dropped off , he’s become slightly territorial and aggressive. When pups are scared or nervous, they may react harshly out of fear. It is important to be able to recognize the signs that a dog is about to bite. Below are a few of the main signs to look for.

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Tips for Senior Cat Care

Senior catAs your feline companion gets older, she will need extra TLC to stay healthy, comfortable and happy. To keep her feeling young at heart, adjust the way you care for your senior cat and tend to her special needs.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your kitty healthy once she reaches her golden years:

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How to Introduce your Dog to a New Dog

new-dogs-flYour baby Jazzy can’t wait to meet your newest Wag Watchers Guest. Even though Jazzy can get a little territorial of her space, you know that the trick is to take the time to introduce the pups properly at the get go. Introducing a 4 legged Guest to both your resident pup and other furry Guests is a critical step for a smooth and fun stay.

Here are some simple tips for dog introductions that will ensure all the pups in your care end up being best of friends.

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Why You Should Get Your Dog a Bed

dog-bedWhether your pooch loves curling up on the furniture or in your bed, you should consider getting him his own place to rest.

It may seem like your dog is getting the royal treatment by sleeping in your bed, but the truth is, he may not be getting everything he needs from this sleeping spot. A bed made for dogs is a much better idea. Here's why:

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How To Approach A Dog

How to approach dog

Ever walk right up to a dog and pet him on the head ? Forget to ask the pet owner for permission to touch their pet? Look a dog directly in the face? Put your face up to the dog's face and ask for kisses? Approach a dog from behind and pat their rear end? Think because you love all dogs that all dogs love you? Not listen to a pet owner if they tell you DO NOT APPROACH.

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5 Ways You Might Be Unknowingly Crushing Your Dog’s Spirit

We all love our dogs and want to do what’s best for them, which also means keeping them as happy as possible! But what if we’re doing something that’s unknowingly making them unhappy or crushing their spirit? It’s likely you’re not, but just in case you’re unsure or want to help someone who might be stressing their dog, be sure to check out this list below.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter

professional-pet-sitter-flIs pet sitting the best option for your pet?

If work or travel will keep you away from your pets, you’ve likely considered various pet-care options, from asking for help from a family member or friend to securing the services of a professional pet sitter.

More and more pet owners are using the services of professional pet sitters to take advantage of the benefits in-home pet care provides:

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Summer Treats for Fido

Pug eating a carrot

Summer is a great time for delicious fruits and vegetables, not only for us but for our dogs as well. Below is a list of safe and unsafe edible delights for Fido.

Fruits safe for pet’s consumption:

Berries – blueberries, strawberries

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Fireworks – Dealing with Your Scaredy Cat or Dog

Fireworks can cause stress and anxiety in our pets, and that’s putting it lightly. Every year around July 4th, animal shelters report a record number of intakes, this is the result of scared pets getting loose and running away from home. The ones that are picked up by animal control are among the lucky (especially if they have some type of pet identification); many are hit by cars as they try and run from the noise.

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How Often Should You Change Your Dog's Water?

With spring in the air, you may soon be spending more time outdoors with your four-legged friend. If so, use these tips to keep your pet healthy and hydrated while he romps this season.

Water is vital, not only to keep organs functioning, but also to help lubricate joints, digest food and keep your dog going. Drinking too little water can lead to dehydration, severe health issues and even death if continued.

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Can Your Dog See in Color?

Despite common misconception, your dog can see in color. He can't see the same range of color you see, but he can use color to distinguish between different objects.

Scientists believed for many years that dogs could only see in black and white, but recent research has shown differently. In fact, dogs see colors the way a color-blind human sees them. Read on to learn how your dog sees the...

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How Scent Affects Your Cat's World

Scent is an important form of communication for your cat. Read on for interesting facts on how scent affects her world.

Eau de Kitty Diva: Your cat uses scent glands on her paws, cheeks, her head and near her behind to mark her territory and leave "messages" (and pheromones) for other cats.

You're a part of the family scent: Did you know cats can have a group scent? You may have seen the cats in your home rubbing or...

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Safe Doggie Introductions

Dog introductions can get complicated. Scent, body language and territorial natures all figure into how dogs react when meeting other dogs.

But whether your furry pal is social or aloof, it's your job to read the signs and keep him as safe as possible. Use these tips when meeting other dogs at the park, at home or in the neighborhood.

Watch body language – Body language will let you know...

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