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Going the Extra Mile: The Story of Gus, Roxie & Sid

pet-taxi-sarasota-flThere are moments in life that we just can't plan. Things come up out of the blue that take us by surprise. Things we simply don't expect. This is how we, at Wag Watchers came to care for Gus, Roxie and Sid. We got an emergency call a week ago from a worried woman who lived out of state. She told us that her mom had suddenly been taken to the hospital and there were three dogs in the house, alone with no one to care for them. Her call came in around 8:00 at night. Virtually no pet sitters are going to do what we then did: We sprang into action. We quickly reassured the daughter that we would go pick up, board and care for her mom's three dogs, so they could focus on their mother's health. We assured her there was no need for worry.

We drove to the hospital to get the key to the mother's home. We then drove to the home to meet and pick up three dogs that we hadn't met before. We went into the home, gently reassuring them that they'd be ok. We then drove Gus, Roxie and Sid back to our home and got them comfortable and settled in for boarding with us. It was midnight by the time we were done with this emergency pet taxi and boarding. Not many pet sitting services would do this. Wag Watchers does and we are proud of it! We love going that extra mile for our clients and their pets.

Pets are not our "job" they are our family. Wag Watcher's goal has always been to go the extra mile for our clients. When you get into a business like this, you do it for the deep love of pets. We pride ourselves in offering the best pet sitting service, up to date health information for your pets, along with tips, funny pet quotes and heart warming photos of our furry friends. Yes, we know your pets are your family and we are honored to be one of the top pet sitting services around. Trusted, established, educated, caring. Emergency pet taxi and boarding: another service Wag Watchers is proud to offer!

Stay tuned, our next blog is about how to keep your pets in top shape and healthy.

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