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Tips and Tricks

Food Items to Avoid Feeding your Dog

Wag Watchers tip of the week

1. Fake Dog Treats (Dog treats that look like bones, bacon or any number of tasty morsel but are made with grains and fillers are terrible)

2. Pasta and bread (Both are high carbohydrate dense food sources)

3. Hot dogs (These are highly processed and full of...

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To Flea or Not to Flea

flea-tTo Flea or Not to Flea…That is the Question!

As pet owners, we all know the importance of keeping fleas off of our pets. They lay eggs and multiply in no time. An infestation of these critters is not what we want in our homes. Aside from the over-the-counter methods, here are some all natural tips on flea and also tick prevention:

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February is Dental Health Month

smiling-kittenWhy is Dental Care for My Pet Important?

I ask you to take a moment and think about your morning routine. If it's anything like mine - it's hardly routine. It may change day to day, but there is probably one thing we all do as we are preparing for our day - and that's...

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Understanding Guinea Pigs

guinea-pig-tGuinea pigs are fun pets, but it’s safe to say most pet parents aren’t familiar with their pet’s sounds and behavior at first. Do you understand your guinea pig? Here’s a short guide on guinea pig sounds and behavior you’ll want to know.

“Wheeking” is another name for the squealing or squeaking sounds of your guinea pig.

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Senior Cat Care Tips

senior-cat-care-tWhile we may wish our cats had nine lives, they only have one. But you can do all you can to make your cat’s single life the best possible. When your feline reaches 10 years of age, she’s considered an ‘elderly’ cat. To ensure she’s comfortable, you may want to make a few changes in the care you give her.

Here are some tips to keep your senior cat comfortable and healthy.

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What Your Dog’s Tail Can Tell You

dog-tail-tDo you ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Is he happy? Is he sad? Is he feeling unsure about himself?

Even though your pup can’t speak, he gives you cues to how he’s feeling, especially with his tail. Dogs use their tails for more than just balance. They also use them to communicate.

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A Message From Your Cat: Why I Need My Hiding Places

cat-messageDear Keeper of the Food:

It’s me again, your fantastic feline, with a little message about the importance of preserving my hiding places. Remember the fun box you got rid of the other day? I know the box was looking a little worn from my attention, but it provided much fun and was a fabulous hiding place...

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Healthy Pet Tips for 2015

healthy-pet-tipsIs health and exercise one of your priorities for 2015? Don’t forget your pet! He can also benefit from some new healthy habits.

Here are a few tips to keep Fido in top form this year.

A pup-healthy diet
Fido needs a nutritious diet with protein, carbohydrates, healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals...

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Keeping an Odor Free Dog and Home

ordor-free-dogsAs a dog owner, you must inevitably deal with doggie odor. But it doesn't have to be difficult to manage. Use these tips for a better smelling dog and home...

Find the cause It's best to find out what's causing your dog's odor first. Does Fido love to roll in smelly things or does he have a skin condition?

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How Do Cats Show Affection to People?

Cat showing affection

It's a myth that cats are aloof and unemotional; they show people affection using a combination of body language, postures, and vocalizations.

Cat kisses, grooming, tail fluffs, chirps and mews -- these are a few of the sweet ways cats express affection and love to the people they feel close to.

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10 Holiday Pet Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Holiday Pet HazardsCelebrating the holidays with family, especially fuzzy family members, can be absolutely delightful. With a little preparation and dog-proofing, you can have a safe and relaxed holiday with your dog. For pet sitters caring for dogs, now is a great time to review our Pet Sitter Handbook for additional tips.

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6 Ways to Keep Cats and Holiday Guests Safe & Happy

christmas-safety-cats-Keep your cats in mind as you decorate, celebrate, feast, and dash about town this holiday season.

Many cat owners will attest that simply moving a chair entices their cats to climb on it immediately. Maybe the cats are just testing out a new vantage point; perhaps they're asserting that everything in your home belongs to them. During the Christmas season, people adorn their homes with a variety of new things.

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How to Recognize if a Pup is About to Bite

scared-dogYour Meet-n-Greet went great and Fido was nothing short of PAWsome. But as soon as Fido was dropped off , he’s become slightly territorial and aggressive. When pups are scared or nervous, they may react harshly out of fear. It is important to be able to recognize the signs that a dog is about to bite. Below are a few of the main signs to look for.

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Tips for Senior Cat Care

Senior catAs your feline companion gets older, she will need extra TLC to stay healthy, comfortable and happy. To keep her feeling young at heart, adjust the way you care for your senior cat and tend to her special needs.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your kitty healthy once she reaches her golden years:

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How to Introduce your Dog to a New Dog

new-dogs-flYour baby Jazzy can’t wait to meet your newest Wag Watchers Guest. Even though Jazzy can get a little territorial of her space, you know that the trick is to take the time to introduce the pups properly at the get go. Introducing a 4 legged Guest to both your resident pup and other furry Guests is a critical step for a smooth and fun stay.

Here are some simple tips for dog introductions that will ensure all the pups in your care end up being best of friends.

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