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5 Ways to Help Your Dog Age Gracefully

Just as people slow down with age, so do dogs. If your dog is entering his senior years, there are a few things you can do to maintain his quality of life.

Here are some tips...

Provide the nutrition he needs
Most senior dogs will need fewer calories to avoid weight gain as they slow down.

For this reason, most premium dog foods for seniors offer less calories, less fat and more fiber.

Keep him fit and fabulous
He may move more slowly, but that's no reason to skip the exercise. Extra weight puts more stress on your dog's joints and body, so take him for frequent walks, but make them shorter and less strenuous.

Doggie dental care will help
Good dental care is especially helpful for senior dogs. Otherwise, problem teeth and their resulting bacteria might affect his internal organs and overall health.

Don't forget those checkups
You may have been able to slide a bit on yearly checkups for Fido, but we don't suggest doing so as he gets older. Checkups will allow you to catch the early signs of diseases, such as chronic joint disease. When they're caught early, you'll have more options for treatment.

Manage house soiling issues
If your dog can't "hold it" as long as he used to, he may have more accidents or even incontinence. Outside of any medical issues, which you should check with your vet, you can help him manage it. Options include taking him out more often, keeping him in a room (when he's alone) that allows for easier cleanup, laying down wee-wee pads for adult dogs or using doggie diapers.

With loving care, you can ensure your canine friend ages gracefully...

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