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Tips and Tricks

How To Approach A Dog


Ever walk right up to a dog and pet him on the head ? Forget to ask the pet owner for permission to touch their pet? Look a dog directly in the face? Put your face up to the dog's face and ask for kisses? Approach a dog from behind and pat their rear end? Think because you love all dogs that all dogs love you? Not listen to a pet owner if they tell you DO NOT APPROACH.

Are you guilty or lucky? You could have been injured by putting that animal in a position to defend herself. Dogs don't attack unless provoked or frightened.

Here's a few reminders how to greet a strange dog:

Have you ever paid attention how dogs greet each other? They turn their heads away from each other when meeting for the first time. Let the dog come to you, sniff your open palm, act like you don't care. The dog will let you know if he's interested in getting to know you.

Always ask the owner if you can approach and pet their dog. If they say no, they mean no. Not all dogs are people lovers.

Don't look the dog directly in the eyes because she might think that's threatening. Stand straight or squat but never bend over a dog. Again, to a dog, bending over her feels like a threat. Put yourself in her paws. How would you feel?

If the dog shows interest by sniffing, friendly tail wagging, relaxed positioning, gently touch his shoulder, chest or neck, never the top of the head. If the dog backs away at any time, stop what you're doing.

Use common sense!

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