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A Message From Your Cat: Why I Need My Hiding Places

cat-messageDear Keeper of the Food:

It’s me again, your fantastic feline, with a little message about the importance of preserving my hiding places. Remember the fun box you got rid of the other day? I know the box was looking a little worn from my attention, but it provided much fun and was a fabulous hiding place.

I need my hiding places, because...

I may want to hide, of course
That friend you brought over last week with the sticky child did not understand that only a select few can play with my fabulous self (unless treats are involved).


They’re secure places for me to relax and de-stress
After spying on the neighbors from the window, playing with my toys, I need secure places to unwind from the stress of it all. I guess I could do the same under the bed or in the closet, but I’m also happy in a box or at an elevation (or better yet, both). Speaking of elevations...

They’re cozy hideaways where I can look down upon my subjects
The hiding spot on my climbing tree is the perfect example. It keeps me warm and cozy while I look down and watch the others, like Scruffy, who are tolerated in my domain. Fair warning: do not think of removing this hiding spot if you want to keep your cuddling privileges.

There should be no excuses now. I’ve given you good reasons why hiding places are vital to my calm, stress-free self.


Your sophisticated, hiding-place loving feline

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