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Senior Cat Care Tips

senior-cat-careWhile we may wish our cats had nine lives, they only have one. But you can do all you can to make your cat’s single life the best possible. When your feline reaches 10 years of age, she’s considered an ‘elderly’ cat. To ensure she’s comfortable, you may want to make a few changes in the care you give her.

Here are some tips to keep your senior cat comfortable and healthy.

Plenty of water
Water is the key to preventing kidney issues, which are common in elderly cats. Always have fresh water available and pair her food with water.

Trim nails
Keep your aging cat’s nails neat and trim. Nails become more brittle as cats age and they can crack, chip and cause pain. To keep your cat comfortable, check her nails regularly and clip them when they’re getting long.

Keep a closer eye
Cats are very good at hiding their emotions or pain. If yours is in pain, she isn’t going to come to you and ask for help. It’s up to you to keep an eye on her behavior. If your cat is more reclusive than usual, or if she seems more sedentary, make an appointment with the vet. There’s a good chance she’s feeling uncomfortable and that discomfort could be due to a bigger, underlying issue that may need treatment.

Feed more often
Like human bodies, the bodies of aging cats experience muscle waste. To fight this problem, encourage your cat to eat as much as possible. Instead of giving her just one large meal a day, give her several smaller meals throughout the day. This switch will ensure she’s getting the protein, nutrients and fats she needs to stay healthy.

If your cat is approaching 10 years of age, be aware of the extra care she’ll need. Aging cats, like humans, need extra love and attention to live a comfortable, happy life.

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