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Tips for Senior Cat Care

Senior catAs your feline companion gets older, she will need extra TLC to stay healthy, comfortable and happy. To keep her feeling young at heart, adjust the way you care for your senior cat and tend to her special needs.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your kitty healthy once she reaches her golden years:

Switch from Dry to Wet
If you've been feeding your cat dry food, make the switch to canned or wet food as she gets older. Kidney problems are not uncommon in senior cats and increasing her water intake may help avoid these issues while easing digestion.

Pay Attention to Her Behavior
Cats don't always show obvious signs of pain. Pay close attention to how your feline friend behaves. If she usually loves a good scratch and a cuddle, but is suddenly reclusive, stand-offish or walking differently, take her to the vet. She may need medical attention.

Examine Her Eyesight
While you might not be able to take your cat to an optometrist, you can look out for signs that she is having trouble with her vision as she ages.

Cataracts are not uncommon in cats. Check her eyes for visible signs that cataracts are starting to develop. Also, if it seems she's walking into things, missing ledges or not moving as smoothly as before, consider taking her to the vet to have her eyes examined.

Be Supportive
Just as an aging relative would require care, so will your cat. Give her extra love and attention as she is looking to you for the support she needs in this time of her life.

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