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Healthy Aging In Our Dogs: A Guide to Keeping Them Healthier, Longer

senior dog on canine healthMaybe he doesn’t chase every squirrel in the yard these days. Maybe he’s a little slower to get up to greet you when you come home. Then you notice there’s a little gray on his muzzle. Your dog is getting old. But the good news is: dogs are living much longer, fuller lives these days with the help of loving owners, caring vets and excellent supplements with quality ingredients.

It's 2016 and there's a wealth of amazing tips, nutritional info and canine vitamin supplements at our fingertips!
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Going the Extra Mile: The Story of Gus, Roxie & Sid

pet-taxi-sarasota-fl-tThere are moments in life that we just can't plan. Things come up out of the blue that take us by surprise. Things we simply don't expect. This is how we, at Wag Watchers came to care for Gus, Roxie and Sid. We got an emergency call a week ago from a worried woman who lived out of state. She told us that her mom...

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The Power of a Pet for Healing

pet-healing-tIt’s a proven scientific fact: pets really do help heal and calm. They are sensitive to human moods and emotions, and have a therapeutic effect on those in need of comforting. How wonderful is that> No wonder why we love them so much.

From the times of the ancient Greeks, dogs have been used in various forms of therapy. These "therapy dogs" visit...

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Food Items to Avoid Feeding your Dog

Wag Watchers tip of the week

1. Fake Dog Treats (Dog treats that look like bones, bacon or any number of tasty morsel but are made with grains and fillers are terrible)

2. Pasta and bread (Both are high carbohydrate dense food sources)

3. Hot dogs (These are highly processed and full of...

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To Flea or Not to Flea

flea-tTo Flea or Not to Flea…That is the Question!

As pet owners, we all know the importance of keeping fleas off of our pets. They lay eggs and multiply in no time. An infestation of these critters is not what we want in our homes. Aside from the over-the-counter methods, here are some all natural tips on flea and also tick prevention:

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Just A Dog

just-dog-tFrom time to time people tell me, "Lighten up, it's just a dog," or, "That's a lot of money for just a dog." They don't understand the distance traveled, time spent, or costs involved for "Just a dog." Some of my proudest moments have been about "Just a dog".

Many hours have passed with my only company being "Just a dog," and not once have I felt slighted. Some of my saddest moments were brought about by "Just a dog."

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February is Dental Health Month

smiling-kittenWhy is Dental Care for My Pet Important?

I ask you to take a moment and think about your morning routine. If it's anything like mine - it's hardly routine. It may change day to day, but there is probably one thing we all do as we are preparing for our day - and that's...

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Understanding Guinea Pigs

guinea-pig-tGuinea pigs are fun pets, but it’s safe to say most pet parents aren’t familiar with their pet’s sounds and behavior at first. Do you understand your guinea pig? Here’s a short guide on guinea pig sounds and behavior you’ll want to know.

“Wheeking” is another name for the squealing or squeaking sounds of your guinea pig.

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Senior Cat Care Tips

senior-cat-care-tWhile we may wish our cats had nine lives, they only have one. But you can do all you can to make your cat’s single life the best possible. When your feline reaches 10 years of age, she’s considered an ‘elderly’ cat. To ensure she’s comfortable, you may want to make a few changes in the care you give her.

Here are some tips to keep your senior cat comfortable and healthy.

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What Your Dog’s Tail Can Tell You

dog-tail-tDo you ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Is he happy? Is he sad? Is he feeling unsure about himself?

Even though your pup can’t speak, he gives you cues to how he’s feeling, especially with his tail. Dogs use their tails for more than just balance. They also use them to communicate.

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A Message From Your Cat: Why I Need My Hiding Places

cat-messageDear Keeper of the Food:

It’s me again, your fantastic feline, with a little message about the importance of preserving my hiding places. Remember the fun box you got rid of the other day? I know the box was looking a little worn from my attention, but it provided much fun and was a fabulous hiding place...

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Healthy Pet Tips for 2015

healthy-pet-tipsIs health and exercise one of your priorities for 2015? Don’t forget your pet! He can also benefit from some new healthy habits.

Here are a few tips to keep Fido in top form this year.

A pup-healthy diet
Fido needs a nutritious diet with protein, carbohydrates, healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals...

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Keeping an Odor Free Dog and Home

ordor-free-dogsAs a dog owner, you must inevitably deal with doggie odor. But it doesn't have to be difficult to manage. Use these tips for a better smelling dog and home...

Find the cause It's best to find out what's causing your dog's odor first. Does Fido love to roll in smelly things or does he have a skin condition?

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Pet Sitter Of The Month!

Pet sitter of the month -MaryWag Watchers has some of the BEST pet sitters! We have decided to acknowledge those sitters that have gone above and beyond!

This month, January is MARY! What makes her so special? Let us count the ways! She updates clients with pics and texts, she is dedicated, your pets comfort and well being is ALWAYS her 1st priority, and she loves being able to give your BFF (best furry friend) love and attention around the clock.

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How Do Cats Show Affection to People?

Cat showing affection

It's a myth that cats are aloof and unemotional; they show people affection using a combination of body language, postures, and vocalizations.

Cat kisses, grooming, tail fluffs, chirps and mews -- these are a few of the sweet ways cats express affection and love to the people they feel close to.

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