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Dog Walking

dog-walking-port-charlotte-flOur daily dog walking service will help you give your pet the regular exercise they need to live strong, healthy, and happy lives. Private on-leash walks are great for new puppies, elderly dogs, and dogs that prefer "their own space".

Dog walking helps your dog maintain a healthy weight, thus extending their life and making them less likely to experience certain diseases and arthritis. Being active also helps your dog's circulation and digestion.

We'll come to your home, leash up your dog, and take them for a walk in the area of your choice within your neighborhood. Also included is pet waste cleanup, paw cleaning if necessary, and food and fresh water by request. Your dog is guaranteed to receive lots of love and attention!

Advantages Of Dog Walking

Is your dog a Happy and Healthy Dog?

Is your dog overweight, lacking in good muscle tone, or starting to show signs of early joint weakness? Or does your dog habitually bark at every little noise and activity that it hears or sees? Does your pet chew up everything it can gets its mouth around, dig up your yard so that it looks like a moonscape? Regular exercise is just as important to your dogs health as food, water, and regular vet visit.

exercise-dog-north-port-flExercise = Good Dog.

Few people realize how much exercise the average dog needs. Lack of exercise is the number one reason too many dogs are labeled as "hard to handle," "out of control," destructive," or just "too hyper." Sadly, these dogs often find themselves chained up in a yard, or worse turned over to shelters, when in fact the majority of these dogs are simply under-exercised.

Just Keep Walking.

Every dog, whether it has a yard or not, still deserves and needs at least one 30-45 minute walk a day outside his or her yard or other confiding area. The Daily Walk provides your pet with the following:

Time for Socializing - Dogs on a walk get the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and people. This is especially beneficial for puppies that learn the rules of acceptable canine social behavior from meeting other dogs and people.

Escape from Boredom - Confined dogs get bored without variety in their lives. Walk past a fenced yard and watch the resident dog race along the fence line, bark, pant, whimper, and practically turn somersaults to get your attention. Imagine being able to see a park, alley, or vacant lot from your yard but never getting the chance to explore it. Just as humans get cabin fever from being cooped up, it is even more so for your dog.

dog-exercise-port-charlotte-flBenefits of Exercise

• Promotes Joint health and stability
• Pet is more willing to rest calmly while inside the home
• Cures many behavioral issues
• Improves looks & overall happiness of your dog
• Improves heart and lung function
• Allows for more attentive behavior

Wag Watchers understands that for reasons beyond the owners control they are often unable to meet this most basic need of their dog. Whether it is only once or several times a week, we are here to assist you with your pet care needs.

Wag Watchers is willing to assist you with providing quality, loving, and personalized care for your pets. Services are tailored to meet each pet and pet owner's needs.

Remember - it is your dog's basic desire to please you. So doesn't your pet deserve the exercise that it needs in order for it to be the companion you want? And when you find yourself unable to personally provide your pet with this basic need you can call Wag Watchers and know that you pet will be getting the very best.

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